Link Love Sunday

Link Love Sunday | Add A Little

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week! 2 exams are over and just 2 to go! Now that I’ve had a bit more time recently I’ve been trying out lots of new summer recipes which I can’t wait to share!
Here are my favourite links for the week – my mouth is watering just looking at the photos!

This herbed focaccia with pimento romesco is perfect for carbing up for the London marathon (…even though I’m not running it…)

This parsley hummus with rye crackers looks like an amazing appetiser!

This spinach pesto polenta with smoky chickpeas looks so comforting!

I’ve always wanted to try salt roasted fish so this lemongrass sea bream looks wonderful!

I’ll take 10 of these falafel sliders with cashew tzatziki!

This is my favourite dip ever!

This almond crusted cod with coconut rice and ginger spinach sounds like a wonderful meal!

I need to make this creamless creamed corn ASAP!

This rocket and pea risotto looks great. I’m sure it would be awesome with some pesto stirred in!

These funky green tacos look packed with flavour!

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Small Batch Sauerkraut

Small Batch Sauerkraut | Add A Little

So… long time not post huh?

I’m sorry it’s been so long but I was away in New York (so much fun!) and now I’m currently drowning in revision!

Small Batch Sauerkraut | Add A Little

I’ve always loved fermented food but never made it myself – who knew it could be so easy!

I decided to embark on a DIY journey mid-revision (a great idea!) and my sauerkraut was born! It’s tangy and salty and the perfect addition to any salad and goes really well with salmon or chicken!

Small Batch Sauerkraut | Add A Little

Sauerkraut is a POWERHOUSE too! It’s full of fibre so it’s great for your digestive system, full of iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Viatmin K. Most importantly, when you make it yourself it hasn’t been pasteurised, so it’s full of probiotics since you’re letting it ferment and all this good bacteria is great for inhibiting the bad bacteria.
However, don’t eat too much in one sitting as it is high in sodium!

Small Batch Sauerkraut | Add A Little

I feel like I’ve earned my hippy status now!

Small Batch Sauerkraut vegan, gluten free, dairy free
Adapted from The Kitchn

The perfect accompliment to any dish and would be wonderful with red cabbage or carrots to give it extra colour and flavour! Takes 10 minutes to prepare and about 5 minutes to eat :D

150g white cabbage
1/4 tablespoon salt

Slice the cabbage very thinly.

Massage the cabbage and salt together for 5-10 minutes until water starts to come out.

Pack it into a jar and if there is not enough liquid just mix some salt and water on top just so the cabbage is covered.

Place a weight over it (marbles in a separate jar or a rock wrapped in cling film/ in a bag) and cover the jar with a muslin cloth and seal with an elastic band.

Store in a cool dry place for 3-10 days until it reaches the perfect flavour (mine took 4 days).

Once ready, place in an airtight jar and store in the fridge.

Small Batch Sauerkraut | Add A Little

New York Roundup

New York Roundup | Add A Little

So I’m back from New York and it was such an amazing trip so I thought I’d share a few of my favourite places to eat and sights to see!

Clinton Street Baking Company

Ok, so I know this place is famous for it’s pancakes but OH MY WORD. Best kale salad I’ve ever eaten in my life: kale massaged in a lemony vinaigrette with creamy avocado, red onions, cherry tomatoes, quinoa and crunchy spiced pepitas.

ABC Kitchen

Of course a trip to New York wouldn’t be complete without a trip here! I was sad to have missed the amazing kabocha toast (don’t worry, I made up for it by having kabocha basically every evening ;) ) but I got to try the roasted carrot and avocado salad which was a wonderfully spiced and creamy yet light! I also tried the fluke ceviche which was so well complimented by the olive and caper dressing and the halibut with olive oil was perfectly light!

Izakaya Mew

I was so sad that I didn’t come here earlier in the trip because not only is it so delicious but great value for money! They have lunch sets for only $10 and my favourite was the salt grilled mackerel with rice, miso soup, salad and pickles. The sushi was only a steal for $5 and certainly looked fresh and delicious!

Beyond Sushi

I had to stop by at Beyond Sushi after hearing so much about it! It’s great whether you just want a snack or a full meal! I tried out the Pickle Me roll, which was great, but seems like the Sweet Tree (with avocado and sweet potato) was super popular too!

The Butcher’s Daughter

Although I didn’t get to eat here after hearing great things about it, I still went for tea here. It has super cute and hipster decor with a very cool vibe. They had a great selection of teas, coffees and smoothies so you should pop by if you’re in the area!


This is in a great location, very near Central Park so it’s a great easy place to stop by whether you want a full meal or a quick snack! We got the mezze plate (the hummus was amazing) with the ‘crack bread’ – it was fresh out of the oven and so warm and fluffy! The red lentil soup was also great but I highly recommend the mezze plate if you are there – it’s super reasonable too!

The High Line

We were so lucky that it was such a beautiful day when we decided to walk the high line as it’s a lovely walk and I can imagine it would be lovely to sit down with a book and spend all afternoon here!

Chelsea Galleries

There were SO many galleries in Chelsea and it was so interesting to see them all, definitely a must if you are going to the high line anyway! My favourite was one of the Gasogian galleries as they had an amazing collection with Picasso and Freud yet its hidden away!

MoMA and the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Obviously I have to write these museums as they were truly wonderful – I could have stayed all day  as it was amazing to see so many pieces that I love up close. Just a warning that there will be a long queue at the MoMA if you go on a free day – but it’s more than worth it!

Central Park

This is also a must go to spot. Although I didn’t get to spend too much time here it was really lovely to have a walk around and it is just so big! Being in London there are quite a lot of parks but this was something else – I don’t think you’d even be able to go around in a day!

I wish I could have stayed longer and there’s no doubt I’ll be going back since it was so amazing there: there’s so much to see and do!

Have you ever been to New York? Where was your favourite place to eat or favourite thing to do? I’ll definitely note it down for next time!

ps. Illustration above is drawn by the wonderfully talented James Gulliver Hancock!