Vegan & Gluten Free Crepes

  Just in time for Pancake Day, I’ve got a quick recipe for you today.

I’ve recently had a re-obsession with gram flour and been making these crepes everyday!

I’m not even sure I can call them crepes as they are just so simple and easy to make. All you need is 2 simple ingredients and you’re done!

Vegan & Gluten Free Crepes vegan, gluten free, dairy free

Serves 2

These crepes are so simple and easy and require minimal ingredients. You can buy gram flour (also called chickpea flour or besan) in many places nowadays, but if it’s not at your local store, maybe go to an ethnic store which will sell it cheaply. I prefer these crepes with savoury fillings as I feel the nutty flavour of the chickpeas comes through.

4 tablespoons gram flour

12 tablespoons of water

Extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil for cooking

Mix the ingredients together until a smooth consistency forms.

You may need to add more water accordingly as you want it to have the consistency of single cream.

Heat a pan with oil until piping hot and lacel the batter in and spread it out until thin.

Cook for a minute or two until crisp on each side.


Michael Craig-Martin: Transience

Michael Craig Martin: Transience | Add A Little

Bold colours and bold lines strike into your plane of vision as soon as your step into the Serpentine Gallery filled with works by Michael Craig-Martin.

Michael Craig Martin: Transience | Add A Little

His works have been seen every now and then in the Royal Academy’s summer exhibition and the Saatchi Gallery, but his last large exhibition was in 1989 at the Whitechapel gallery, allowing his a large space of time to create new works, appealing to the contemporary audience.

Craig-Martins work can immediately be recognised by the colourful adaptations of everyday objects, using colours tat contrast each other and provide an arresting vision of a spectrum of hues. A great example of this can be seen below, a sea of magenta with sparks of orange, bright blue, highlighter green and yellow.

Michael Craig Martin: Transience | Add A Little

The exhibition envelopes the viewer into the world of objects symbolising the 21st century, some evoking fond memories of ‘your first so-and-so’ with wall drawings, using thin black paint, of retro phones and televisions, the piece below dating back from 1981.

Michael Craig Martin: Transience | Add A Little

The title of this exhibition is particularly interesting and relevant, transience seems to mean a state that only lasts for a short while, and I think this exhibition perfectly sums up this word. The motifs that he uses emphasises the old and the new, how fashion comes and goes like the snap of the fingers. It’s odd to think that something that came out 10 or 15 years ago now looks ‘old’ in our eyes because of the constantly evolving technology. However, in some way, Craig-Martin has made these items everlasting thanks to the eye catching works he creates.

Michael Craig Martin: Transience | Add A Little

Walking into the main room, it is almost overwhelming. The turquoise walls conflicting with the keyed up colours used in his pieces, the only sense of stillness in the strong black outlines of the objects.

Michael Craig Martin: Transience | Add A Little

Michael Craig Martin: Transience | Add A Little

One of my favourite pieces in the collection was a sculpture outside, very different from his paintings yet has similarities in the sense of two dimensionality. It’s a bright pink that catches your eye against the sea of brown trees and endless blue sky.

Michael Craig Martin: Transience | Add A Little

This as a wonderful exhibition, packed with works that everyone can enjoy thanks to the large scale, vivid works that retain in your memory and fun factor that he brings to these mass produced products.

Michael Craig Martin: Transience at the Serpentine Gallery
Exhbition runs from 25th November, 2015 – 14th February, 2016
Open Tuesday – Sunday 10am- 6pm
Free admission

Link Love Sunday

Green Quinoa Salad | Add A Little

Happy new year to you all! I can’t believe how quickly 2015 went and it was a truly fabulous year, filled with so many highlights. I hope your year was great too :) Here are my link loves of the week, delicious recipes to start your year right (and a great documentary)!

What a warming cinnamon spiced lentil and chickpea soup!

This jap chae is filled with colour and flavour!

I want to cozy up with these mediterranean baked lima beans.

This falafel slider with hemp tabbouleh and maple tahini is like woah.

This green quinoa salad is perfect for the new year, as is this one! (second link pictured)

This kale salad with avocado tahini is a great lunch idea.

I’m going through a serious noodle phase and these soba noodles look perfect!

One of my favourite combinations of roasted sweet potatoes and sprouts.

This green olive, walnut and pomegranate salad is so interesting.

In Defense of Food. A great book that is now in documentary form!

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